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Best AI Excel Formula Generators To Use In 2024

Updated On: June 13, 2024

Have you ever wondered who has the brains to remember all the Excel formulas? No right! Spreadsheets are the broadest range of formulas, providing extra ordinaries for small to comprehensive store management and analyzing and sharing data! 

Despite checking all the facts, intuitive interface, and collaborative features, We are all aware that it utilizes more advanced capabilities, particularly in the vast formulation of 400 plus formulas, which will affect without none or fewer properties!

So, in this post, we will talk about the AI-powered Excel sheets formula generator that is coming into the game! So stay tuned for all the AI Excel Formula Generators!

What is the Best AI Excel Tool?

We endorse consulting the table below if you need more clarification about selecting the top AI tools for Excel. It highlights the top four AI-powered Excel tools that are extensively employed in the data analytics domain:

Here is the list of the best AI Excel formula generator tools

In this guide, we’ve curved up some of the most efficient AI Excel formula generator tools in the market, besides using them to create formulas for different sample data sets. 

Here’s what we found:

1. Ajelix

AI Excel Formula Generators
AI Excel Formula Generators

Ajelix is an AI-powered tool that assists in powering repetitive Excel tasks, simplifying the creation of complex formulas, and authoring advanced VBA scripts for automation. This tool excels at quickly translating text into Excel formulas, significantly dipping the required time.


  • This tool can decode text into Excel formulas in a segment of the time.
  • It can help you write VBA handwriting to automate tasks in Excel.
  • Ajelix can be secondhand to clean your data by removing duplicates, fixing errors, and formatting it correctly.
  • Analyze your data by successively using statistical tests and creating reports.

2. Arcwise AI

AI Excel Formula Generators
AI Excel Formula Generators

Arcwise AI is a Google Sheets delay designed to swiftly assist you in comprehending, sanitizing, and incorporating data by providing AI-generated formula recommendations. Furthermore, it can streamline spreadsheet tasks, plus data sorting, filtering, and summarization done through automation.


  • Chat-based spreadsheet assistance
  • AI formula aid
  • Data cleaning and scraping
  • Creating charts besides graphs

3. Sheet+

AI Excel Formula Generators
AI Excel Formula Generators

Sheet+ is an Excel AI tool that produces the necessary formulas in seconds. Whether you’re a learner looking to learn Excel/Google Sheets or an experienced user needing a refresher, Sheet+ can help you develop a spreadsheet expert. This tool converts text to Google Sheets and Excel Formulas, reducing the struggle to remember complex formulas.


  • Easily Repair formulas
  • Generate accurate Google Sheets besides Excel formulas from text
  • Increases the productivity
  • Enhanced Data Analysis

4. PromptLoop

AI Excel Formula Generators
AI Excel Formula Generators

PromptLoop is an AI tool that can help you through your Excel spreadsheets. It uses GPT-3, a large language model, to comprehend your questions and instructions and generate the appropriate responses. PromptLoop is a plug-in that gives workers a set of functions that let you run Al models on rows of data right where you need them in your spreadsheets.


  • Explain the logic of your spreadsheet formulas
  • Scrape data from the web and import it into your spreadsheet
  • Easily fix formatting errors

5. Neural Formula

AI Excel Formula Generators
AI Excel Formula Generators

Neural Formula is an extra AI tool that can help you generate and debug formulas in Excel. It uses a neural network to appreciate your questions and instructions and develop the appropriate responses. Neural Formula is also a one-stop solution to all your spreadsheet challenges.


  • Easily create, edit, and clarify, besides converting formulas in Excel and Google Sheets
  • Simplify your tasks with integrated help from these crucial tools
  • Neural Formula offers a user-friendly interface

6. GPTExcel

AI Excel Formula Generators
AI Excel Formula Generators

This tool generates spreadsheet formularies specifically for Excel, Sheets, and Airtable, allowing users to perform complex calculations and analyses. Additionally, it produces VBA Script, Apps Script, and Airtable Scripts to automate and simplify repetitive tasks and, thus, increase productivity in these platforms.


  • Categorizing rows of data into precise groups
  • Forecasting future morals based on historical data
  • Ability to process large datasets within the spreadsheet

7. AI Office Bot

AI Excel Formula Generators
AI Excel Formula Generators

The AI Office Bot is an influential tool driven by artificial intelligence. It creates and provides clarifications for formulas in Airtable, Google Sheets, and Excel. This tool boosts efficiency, saves time, and supports 12 different applications. Users can input inquiries and get solutions in just seconds. It guarantees accuracy, customization, and types work more conveniently.


  • Supports over 12 applications
  • Increases productivity
  • Save time

8. Goodlookup

AI Excel Formula Generators
AI Excel Formula Generators

Goodlookup is a bright tool designed for spreadsheet users. It operates as a pre-trained model through the intuitive abilities of GPT-3 and the matching capabilities of fuzzy identical. It employs techniques similar to v-lookup or index match to advance your topic clustering tasks in Google Sheets.


  • Solve text-to-text record linking problems
  • Uses NLP technology to unlock novel possibilities with text data
  • Enhanced Lookup Functions

9. Formulas HQ

AI Excel Formula Generators
AI Excel Formula Generators

Formulas HQ is an authoritative tool that has the potential to help you with a variety of spreadsheet tasks. It designates your desired calculation in simple terms, and our AI will create the Excel or Google Sheets Formula for you, shortening complex calculations.


  • Supports integration through various applications.
  • Effortlessly spot and accurately correct any discrepancies, duplicates, or mistakes in the data.
  • It can help you make better decisions.


With the mixing of artificial intelligence, these tools have the potential to revolutionize the way experts work with spreadsheets, enabling them to tackle complex tasks with greater ease and accuracy. As technology continues to provide early payment, the Excel AI tool market is poised for even more exciting inventions and improvements in the years to come.


What is the best AI for making formulas in Excel?

AI Office Bot – Free AI Tool for Excel! The AI Office Bot is an authoritative tool driven by artificial intelligence. It creates and explains formulas in Airtable, Google Sheets, and Excel.

Is there an AI that can analyze Excel data?

Excel Smart Assistant: Enhance your Excel experience through intelligent suggestions, data analysis, and automated tasks.

Is there a free AI for Excel?

Excel Formula Bot is a free AI-based generator that converts plain English (or Spanish) instruction(s) into a formula.

Can ChatGPT write Excel formulas?

The great thing about using artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT or Copilot to create formulas for Microsoft Excel (and Google Sheets) is that you can request formulas to be as straightforward or as complicated as you’d like — as long as you’re crystal clear in your instructions.

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