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5 Best AI Tools for Real Estate to Try in 2024

Updated On: June 28, 2024

AI Tools for Real Estate

It has become possible to have new techniques and trends in the real estate industry due to Artificial Intelligence or AI.

These are quite useful in improving the real estate experience and also serve to keep the realtors and clients informed on various aspects of the real estate market and the process of purchasing, selling and even renting.

In this blog, let me outline 5 AI tools for real estate that are playing an increasingly crucial role in the real estate market today, what features they have, and what advantages they have for real estate players.

How AI Tools for Real Estate Are Useful

 AI Tools for Real Estate
AI Tools for Real Estate

Simplifying Daily Tasks: The automated dialer eliminates manual intervention and automates the calling and follow-up process of leads. You’ll save time and energy resolving complicated issues through AI tools and can concentrate on the prime agenda of any sales team, establishing rapport with prospective clients and sealing the sales. This increases the effectiveness of the task which in turn makes it possible for you to accomplish more within a limited period.

Getting Accurate Property Values: It is equally instrumental in helping analyze large databases and provide you with tremendous property value data. This makes pricing calculation slightly easier to determine avoiding cases of overpricing or underpricing. They help make wiser choices in business and help to avoid pitfalls that cost, which makes one have full confidence in the prices being set.

Enhancing Client Experience: Chatbots or third-party software may be utilized in handling inquiries and questions or proposals may be managed through the use of artificial intelligence with a focus on the client experience. The automation technology is applied in tools such as Zillow Premier Agent and RealScout to send messages and recommend homes using data from the clients. This results in higher customer satisfaction and a quality experience of service.

Keeping Track of Market Trends: This way, trying to monitor all that could be quite exhausting when aiming to grasp market trends. Some benefits may include; AI tools can assist you by providing accurate insights about the market and hence, the property in question so that an individual or association can determine how the property is performing and the market forces at play. 

Boosting Your Marketing Presence: AI-powered tools such as REX Real Estate analyzes the user’s preferences and marketing trends to generate targeted advertisements. This can cause your listings to reach a wider audience. It also helps you buy and sell efficiently by increasing your presence in the market.

Top AI Tools For Marketing

Let us discuss the Best AI Tools for Real Estate in detail below:

1. Zillow Premier Agent

ai tools for real estate - Zillow Premier Agent
 AI Tools for Real Estate

Zillow Premier Agent is an artificial intelligence market for real estate agents with the aim of enhancing sales leads and customer relations.

In addition, Zillow Premier Agent provides these agents with tools that let them connect with potential buyers or sellers of real estate. Zillow Premier Agent is a website for advertising designed to address the contemporary issues affecting the real estate sector.


  • Lead Management: Implement leads and customer follow-up system and organize them well to ensure that the firm does not lag on any interested customer.
  • AI-Powered Recommendations: Get further suggestions on the possible properties according to the client’s choice and usage.
  • Automated Messaging: Allowing potential clients to receive alerts as well as replies, even when you are not available.
  • Analytics Dashboard: Get all the performance results to monitor results, discover client patterns, and manage the approaches better.
  • Integration with CRM: A key benefit of CRM provides integration of work procedures with CRM systems in place to reduce delays and enhance efficiency.

How It Boosts the Interests of Real Estate Personnel

Zillow Premier Agent also assists agents to reduce their working hours because typical activities such as searching rather consume time, while other activities like market analysis are made easy. With the help of AI, agents can move towards social interaction and selling, which in turn helps to close more deals.

2. HouseCanary

ai tools for real estate - HouseCanary
 AI Tools for Real Estate

With the help of data-driven insights from HouseCanary, real estate agents can make better decisions and counsel their clients.

Anyone engaged in real estate transactions can benefit greatly from its precise market projections and appraisals. 


  • Accurate Valuations: Through the use of sophisticated AI programs and databases; obtain highly accurate property values.
  • Market Insights: Open new opportunities and protect businesses and investments against bad market conditions.
  • Comparable Sales Analysis: Evaluate the similarities between different properties in separate areas revolving around property worths.
  • Risk Assessment: Perform risk assessment in the properties and the markets with the aim of reducing investment risks.
  • Customizable Reports: Produce case-specific and comprehensive reports for customers, shareholders, and investors.

How It Boosts the Interests of Real Estate Personnel

HouseCanary thus provides data to independent real estate synthesizers so that they can accurately advise their clients. Its all-inclusive market valuations as well as market predictions give useful information to any individuals possibly getting or selling properties.

3. Reonomy

ai tools for real estate - Reonomy
 AI Tools for Real Estate

Reonomy is a CRE data company that uses AI to mine, organize, and deliver information related to properties.

As expected, the tool is intended for facilitating the discovery of opportunities, analysis of a CRE property, and coming up with wise decisions.


  • Property Search: Search for suitable sites for commercial use through filters that allow you to select the city, size of the property area, or the type of the property.
  • Ownership Data: Make use of complex and comprehensive data on the owners and their contact information, as well as the history of the ownership of the particular property.
  • Market Analysis: Market analysis and property performance also play an important factor when determining the various investment opportunities.
  • Portfolio Tracking: Track your properties, the ways in which their values and efficiency are increasing or decreasing, thus, maintaining control and order over your property.
  • Custom Data Exports: Customized data set exports of self-service BI reporting results from the application allow for the integration of the tool with other tools and systems.

How It Boosts the Interests of Real Estate Personnel

Real estate and CRE professionals benefit from the Reonomy platform due to data and property information that enable them to make decisions. Investors and brokers might benefit from its features such as its capability to search and data about ownership.

4. RealScout

ai tools for real estate - RealScout
 AI Tools for Real Estate

RealScout is an AI solution that aims to connect home seekers and real estate agents in their search for houses. RealScout also makes home buying an exciting experience by using search algorithms to search for homes on real-time data.


  • Collaborative Search: Enable clients to seek homes together with the agents, which ensures high ‘buy-in’ and enhanced satisfaction.
  • AI-Powered Matchmaking: AI can be used to identify, sort, and recommend properties that are likely to suit a customer.
  • Real-Time Alerts: Get alerts of new stocks and other updates on stocks that may meet the needs of the client instantly.
  • Market Insights: Gain more insight into the market position to give better insights to clients reacting promptly to market changes.
  • Client Activity Tracking: Pay particular attention to clients’ behaviors and choices so that the recommendation will reflect the best preferences.

How It Boosts the Interests of Real Estate Personnel

This tool is associated with social benefits for real estate professionals and their shifts in attitude toward social justice as a result of this applied approach.

RealScout from Virginia simplifies the home buying process by using technology to get buyers exactly what they want in terms of homes within a very short time. Its search functionality, coupled with alerts in real-time, facilitates client satisfaction coupled with advancing agent closure rates.

5. REX Real Estate

ai tools for real estate - REX
 AI Tools for Real Estate

The AI-powered tools REX Real Estate is an artificially intelligent platform that intends to revolutionize the conventional approach to the selling and buying of houses.

Having incorporated the AI to optimize internal processes and minimize expenses, REX has offered a more affordable and effective platform for selling and buying homes.


  • AI-Powered Marketing: Apply AI to make marketing strategies more personalized in order to be able to reach consumers more easily.
  • Automated Valuations: Obtain sufficiently precise property valuations of your properties as you will be using sophisticated machine learning algorithms.
  • Virtual Tours: Develop virtual tours for the brokers as this makes it easy for buyers to make their choices without physically visiting the homes.
  • Data-Driven Insights: Have detailed information and analysis of the market and pricing to be used in setting the appropriate prices and marketing strategies.
  • Transaction Management: Reduce the time required for transactions through the use of AI-driven media that deal with paperwork and information exchange.

How It Boosts the Interests of Real Estate Personnel

As per the results, the applicant, REX Real Estate, lowers the expense and difficulty of owning property by engaging artificial intelligence to improve efficiency and increase returns. In essence, its approach benefits the agents and the clients since it shortens the duration of the process and costs less than other forms of housing.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are AI tools in Real Estate?

AI tools in real estate use artificial intelligence to automate tasks, analyze data, and provide insights. These tools help real estate professionals manage leads, evaluate properties, create marketing campaigns, and streamline transactions.

How can AI tools improve my real estate business?

AI tools can improve your real estate business by automating routine tasks, providing accurate data and insights, enhancing customer interactions, and helping you make informed decisions. This leads to increased efficiency, better client satisfaction, and more successful transactions.

Are these AI tools expensive?

The cost of AI tools varies depending on the features and capabilities they offer. Some tools may offer free basic plans with paid premium options, while others might be subscription-based. It’s important to evaluate the ROI and choose a tool that fits your budget and needs.

Do I need technical expertise to use these AI tools?

Most AI tools for real estate are designed to be user-friendly and do not require extensive technical expertise. They often come with intuitive interfaces and support resources to help you get started. However, having a basic understanding of technology can be beneficial.

How do I choose the right AI tool for my real estate business?

To choose the right AI tool for your real estate business, consider your specific needs, such as lead management, property valuation, market analysis, or marketing automation. Evaluate the features, costs, and user reviews of different tools, and choose one that aligns with your business goals and budget.

Wrapping Up

Real estate skilled workers can simplify their business processes and achieve better results by utilizing Zillow Premier Agent, HouseCanary, Reonomy, RealScout, and REX Real Estate, AI-powered tools for real estate that can automate tasks, offer insightful data and improve customer experiences. By utilizing these tools, you can stay in advance of the competition, make data-driven decisions, and offer exceptional service to your clients.

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