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26 Best Business to Start in Bangalore in 2024

Updated On: May 10, 2024

Best Business to Start in Bangalore

Bangalore is a technology hub and, it is the Silicon Valley of India! Also, Bangalore took a new title which is entrepreneurship. These factors and Bangalore’s dynamic economy enhance more job opportunities! So it’s not very surprising that many people are starting to build their businesses here! Well, in this comprehensive blog, we will deeply discuss about most popular business ideas for you guys!

So before starting your entrepreneurship in Bangalore, it’s very important to know the intent of this, be with this blog till the last to navigate your valuable business ideas in the world of Bangalore!

Here is the full list of the best business to start in Bangalore!

1. Fast food shop

Fast food

Bangalore is a foodie’s paradise, so it is a perfect place to start your fast food shop. You can think of initially leasing a small mobile canteen at a busy locale, delivering meals to homes/offices, and so on.

2. Groceries store with home delivery option.

Groceries store - Best Business to Start in Bangalore

This vibrant city is filled with busy people who don’t have time to shop for groceries. You can jump to a small grocery store with a home delivery option; in the future, you can even tie up effectively with larger grocery stores. You can exploit this delightful business opportunity in Bangalore.

3. Tea and Coffee bar

Tea and Coffee bar

A busy area with working people means there is a great demand for coffee, tea, beverages, and ice-creams, besides snacks in a café-like ambience. You can explore a low-investment business in Bangalore, from a chai-kada to a relaxed cafe, depending on your investment capacity and experience.

4. Organic foods store

Bangaloreans are health conscious and prefer buying organic foods. If you own a piece of land, think of starting an organic garden that transports daily organic products to customers, like sprouts, leafy vegetables, home-grown tomatoes, etc. You can also rent such garden spaces or have a centralized place for other organic growers. This is an excellent business in Bangalore with low speculation.

5. Homemade Meals with Doorstep Delivery Option

Bangalore is a haven for people who cannot eat freshly cooked homemade food. Lunchtime is peak business if you have a large working population nearby. You can also bring it to homes, offices, factories, etc. Hence, this is one of the best businesses to start in Bangalore.

6. Bakery items, Chips and Sweet-meats Store

Bakery items

No matter where you famine to start in Bangalore, a small unit that provides recently baked bread, chapattis, cakes, chips, and sweetmeats is always money-making. Provide quality food with a twist in the USP like methi-chapatis or designer cakes; you can get ahead of the competition quickly. Accept bulk guidelines, tie up with corporate canteens, provide home deliveries, and watch your profits grow in this unique business in Bangalore.

7. B & B or Breakfast and Bed Facilities

Do you have extra space than rooms in your home? Consider having tourists and then paying guests for short durations. This is among the best business ideas that Bangalore has to offer. You can arrange travel, sightseeing tours, and trendy involvement tours to earn additional cash. Especially if you are close to the airport, cultural hub, or tourist places, you can see noteworthy growth quickly.

8. PG or Paying Guest Services

More specialized PG services, working individuals, and pupil hostels must be provided in Bangalore. Bangalore traffic warrants staying close to workplaces, so providing such PG facilities can be profitable. Rent a building, tie up with offices, institutes, and colleges, and start a professional PG or co-working space and services. If you excel at management and love using spaces innovatively, you can be on the highway to make profits through this best business in Bangalore.

9. Gift and Souvenir Shop

Bangalore is Karnataka’s capital and a sought-after tourist destination. Small souvenirs of Bangalore are expected to be in high demand and provide great business opportunities in Bangalore. Start a small business with inexpensive gifts instead of gifting, which happens all year round in this tech hub.

10. Tourism & travel services

Bangaloreans love to get away from the busy city life and punishing work schedules. They would take a break to refresh themselves, do something different, and spend the day comforting amid nature’s splendours. A luxurious stay at a farm, a new-fangled experience like dirt track bike riding, paragliding, trek trails, racing, and dinner by the pool is what many early people in Bangalore crave. Just arrange for discounted deals and tours while inspecting your profit growth!

11. Real estate consultancy

People from outside Bangalore need accommodation, many people buy and sell houses and farmlands, businesses necessity commercial spaces, residents need to change accommodations for various reasons, many people need a home, besides students or working individuals need co-working spaces, PG accommodation, and so on. Starting a consistent consultancy for such needs can be very profitable in Bangalore.

12. Manage properties

Bangalore’s growth has also left a lot of property owners who find it hard to accomplish their properties and keep them safe from encroachers and legal tensions. You can cater to customers where you manage properties and deal with property-related matters like fencing the property, collecting rents, and attending to tenant requirements.

13. Home Cleaning and Maid Services

Home Cleaning and Maid Services

Homes need deep cleaning, and Bangalore’s working couples have just any time left. Venture into a business model where you can commercially deep-clean additions to sanitize homes, provide verified maids for daily chores, take up cleaning of carpets, curtains, and sumps, and, in a short time, build up your clientele list of satisfied customers in Bangalore. This business can demonstrate a sure hit, incredibly close to Bangalore’s tech parks.

14. Daycare and Childcare Services

Working Bangalore parents need daycare besides childcare services where their kids and infants are secure and safe even as they are at work. If you own or rent a large house, this can prove a fruitful business opportunity for you. Many stay-at-home mothers can also project into this business depending on how many children they can lodge.

15. Handyman Services

Often, homes need a plumber, carpenter, electrician, or handyman to take up minor repairs besides household needs. Commercial buildings, glass facade towers, and institutions often use such services. Catering to this huge call can be a very successful venture that needs just a few well-trained people and can be set up almost immediately.

16. Flower Delivery Service

Flower Delivery Service

Flowers are used in decorating, wedding venues, themed parties, birthday bashes, hotels, villas, and pujas. Delivering affordable bouquets and flowers over a phone call or online can be a prodigious idea with a small investment.

17. The 100 Rupee Shop

Whether gifts, small household items, or knick-knacks, a 100 rupee shop is an inordinate idea. People in Bangalore love inexpensive gifts like flower pots, cheap pointer purses, wallets, ties, socks, pillowcases, curtain sets, household utensils, water pots, and so many more items. Why not start a 100-rupee budget gift shop for all occasions that permits you to make all-year-round profits?

18. Laundromats and Dry-cleaning Services

Every household needs a Laundromat besides dry-cleaning services, which is a time-consuming chore that most working people keep putting off. Woefully, only some can be right-hand with cleaning clothes for working people, such as expensive saris, carpets, rugs, and towels. This creates a massive window of opportunity for you to cater to.

19. Mobile Haircut or Salon

Most people hate having to wait at the salon. You can start a mobile salon and haircut business with a van at a busy business centre. People can do with an affordable shave, haircut, basic facial/make-up routines, nail painting, etc. while working or interrogating. Solving just a fundamental demand can be profitable for you to exploit successfully.

20. Videography and Professional Photography

Videography and Professional Photography

All events hire professionals who deliver excellent videos and photos of their business meets, birthday bashes, pujas, weddings, exhibitions, product showcases, etc. A small amount of effort, equipment, and skill is required to get further orders and increase in this Bangalore-based business venture.

21. Caterer Business

All events like business meetings, religious gatherings, get-togethers, B-Day bashes, and weddings need catering services that provide superior items at the best price possible. While exploiting such small business ideas in Bangalore, you need not be a cook; you can hire them to cook on-site or at your location and tie up with shamiana, furniture, labour, and instrument providers. The investment promises fast returns and can be quickly grown.

22. Broker of Insurance and Investments

This type of venture in Bangalore is truly needed as there is a massive market for insurance products, investment plans, stock brokerage services, income tax, and GST consultants.

23. Gym at Home

Start your home gym if you have gym equipment and spare space and love yoga, workout routines, dancing, kickboxing, etc. Many people need reasonably priced, quick-routine gym services, which can be your way to generate revenue in Bangalore.

24. Home-Tutoring and Tuitions

There is always a need for home tutors, a plateful hand, or tuition for school students, college-goers, young kids, and preschool kids. If you wish to use your qualifications and talent to explain concepts well, start this home-based or online service besides earning well.

25. Repairs of Mobile Phones Besides Electronic Gadgets

There is tremendous scope for repairs of mobile phones besides electronic gadgets like computers, refrigerators, AC units, wash machines, and microwave ovens. Though many people are now in this business and the competition appears stiff, going online and as long as home services are still needed and appreciated in Bangalore. You can also tie up with nearby showrooms and electronic shops, as most devices require minor on-site repairs.

26. Storage Services

This business is on call after the pandemic. Many people who shift, small companies with inadequate stowage or warehousing facilities, online businesses, and grocery shops need safe storage services. A reasonable price to store records, surplus stocks, and unused furniture can be a win-win proposition for your business venture and customer. Use your garage space or empty rooms at your house.


If there is a demand, your business idea can also be successful and profitable. Find your niche and establish your business among the broad category of successful ideas. 


Which is the best business to start in Bangalore without investment?

Cleaning Service

 People are getting engaged more through their office work or professional life. They hardly have any time to take care of their home. In this condition, a cleaning service is the sole option for taking care of their home. This business can provide a massive return because it is in request nowadays.

Why is Bangalore an excellent place to start a business?

Easy Access to Resources:

 Bangalore has a well-developed infrastructure and numerous resources to help the business function effectively. From access to backing and human resources to educational and professional services, plenty of resources exist for a business in Bangalore.

What part-time business can I start?

Various part-time business ideas necessitate fewer or almost no investments. Side businesses like psychotherapy, tutoring/training, freelance writing, and virtual assistants require less or zero investment. So, you can plan to start those ideas with less funding.

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