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10 Best Fashion Brands in India for 2024

Updated On: May 17, 2024

fashion brands in India

Indian clothes brands are the fastest-growing industry; India’s clothing Brands are estimated to be worth $100 USA dollars. India has many clothing brands growing internationally, getting attention from social media and ads. In 2024, it’s difficult to say how much this industry estimated! 

This post will cover the top 12 fashion brands in India. These brands are entirely Indian, and each is very popular in India and Asia! After COVID-19, we know how much this kind of industry has been affected, but you will be shocked to learn that in 2024 it will increase by 9 percent! It’s simple to justify cause after the lockdown, you all have started shopping from e-commerce, and these brands have become famous! 

So, in this blog, we will learn about some famous fashion brands in India!

List Of Top Fashion Brands in India

1. Madame

Madame - fashion brands in India
fashion brands in India

Established in 1993, Madame is the best clothing made for women. The brand is known for its fashionable clothing, handbags, shoes, and accessories. Due to its long history in the country and its dedicated consumer base, the brand is now recognized throughout India. It features the latest fashions and a vast collection of outfits for every occasion.

Madame appeals to over 2.5 million women each week through its network of 600 multi-brand stores and 150 exclusive branded stores. The company carefully places its stores in noble neighborhoods to draw in more patrons. Additionally, it frequently upgrades and renovates its locations to improve the in-store experience. On top of that, Madame expanded her web presence by establishing a specialized online store.

2. Biba

Biba- fashion-brands-in-India

A well-known women’s clothing brand with a significant influence on the fashion industry is known as Biba. Biba has been everywhere since the 1960s, and its unique patterns and signature style are still well-praised today. To please a variety of interests and preferences, Biba provides a wide selection of clothing substitutes, including dresses, tops, skirts, and ethnic wear. The brand has built a solid status for its high quality, creative designs, and dedication to giving women the confidence they merit via clothing.

Biba’s signature style is classic items that are faultlessly updated with modern details and trends. By prioritizing high-quality fabrics, Biba guarantees that any woman can shop confidently. Biba has a wide range of selections for your wardrobe, from everyday wear to particular cases.

3. Berrylush

Berrylush - fashion brands in India
Berrylush – fashion brands in India

Women’s clothing brand Berrylush is intended for the modern young woman who maintains her appearance and wants to express herself via her clothes. With a focus on agreeing for Indian women to look and feel beautiful and confident, on and on-trend, it provides the best designs available. Berrylush has various styles of women’s clothing, including cocktail dresses, maxi dresses, western wear, one-piece clothes, jumpsuits, skirts, and more. The brand sells its products directly to customers through a variety of online outlets, including Myntra, Ajio, and the company’s official website, among others.


fashion brands in India

In 2012, the design duo Pranav Misra and Shyma Shetty set out to entangle rough subjects into their lines, ally a community, focus on craftsmanship besides impact, and tell great stories. Nine years later, the brand has done just that. HUEMN is a cultural provocateur directing to celebrate craft, the craftsman, and the viewer while creating an applicable product that is informed by the political, social, and cultural landscape of our times. The brand has an organic origin story. The name is a play on words: hue for colour, and human in spirit, attentive to community and diversity.

From being the first label to pair sneakers through the Indian sari on the taxiway to having conversations about body positivity through their lines, HUEMN has been at the vanguard of integrating things that matter to millennials.

 5. Bodice

fashion brands in India

The bodice is a clothing label from India that generates essentials from a cornucopia of textiles and history. It represents a love for traditional crafts from a modern and contemporary point of view. Ruchika Sachdeva created the bodice in response to an internal call to create high-quality, long-lasting clothes through textiles and crafts from Indian culture. It focuses on the indispensable over the abundant.

6. Biskit

Biskit - fashion brands in India
Fashion Brands in India

BISKIT is a unisex concept label that suggests cerebral products designed with relaxed fabrics to care for. The sibling founders, Shruti and Harsha Biswajit, are artists who use garb as their creative expression. In essence, BISKIT was born in Brooklyn, and it now has its home in Madras, India, with an aesthetic that unites a Brooklyn vibe with the brand’s Indian background. BISKIT’s vision is to generate a design studio at the intersection of fashion, art, enterprise, and collaboration. Seeing how the clothing industry has long been shaped besides being categorized as menswear and womenswear, a BISKIT piece is calculated to break the binary of gender.

7. Almost Gods

Almost Gods - Fashion Brands in India
Almost Gods – Fashion Brands in India

Everything near ALMOST GODS –– from the name of their gatherings to their story-telling –– is centered around art and put on it to everyday concepts to transcend commodities into items of want. The independent fashion brand — founded by Dhruv Khurana in 2018 and operates out of New Delhi — has established a lot of notoriety for its red, oversized drape hoodie. The brand’s product ideology aims at establishing “Indian Futurity.” Through their foodstuffs, ALMOST GODS strives to broaden the conversation around what a clothing variety from India can create.

8. KGL

Fashion Brands in India

KGL is an acronym for Kanika Goyal Label, a namesake menswear, womenswear, and accessories label started by Kanika Goyal in 2014. The brand aims to deliver intelligently designed, neo-luxury pieces suffused by sartorial cool. Celebrating a non-traditionalist point of view, the brand intends to critique the rigid perception of tailoring. Architecture, explicitly intersectant shapes, and the play of shadow and light have regularly inspired the brand’s modernist revenue on colour-blocking.

9. Garuda SS

Fashion Brands in India
Fashion Brands in India

Self-taught designer Suhail Sahrawat theorized Garuda SS. The label gets its term from the mythical warrior bird from the Indian sub-continent and the army squadron of which the founder’s father was a part. Their story happened in New Zealand in 2015, and since 2017, they have succeeded in an Indian town called Panchkula, about 250 km from the nation’s capital, Delhi.

10. Moral Science

Fashion Brands in India

The answers to those inquiries lay in exploring and subverting the ideas of morals; everything can be seen in different, valid ways, which is what her label attempts to represent. The young Indian dress brand came about in 2020 from a need to create functional, fun apparel and accessories for the nascent Indian market that has newly begun consuming streetwear like never before. The brand’s clothing, besides accessories, is sexy, androgynous, and functional, with a hint of mockery yet deeply rooted in the skills of the land.


As we embarked on this journey done the top clothing brands for women in India, we witnessed the ageless elegance of brands like Tulsi Silks and Biba, celebrating India’s rich educational heritage with grace and charm. We traveled to global icons like H&M and Zara, which bring international fashion trends to the doorstep of Indian fashionistas, empowering them to confidently embrace their unique flair.

As we bid farewell to this exploration of the best women’s clothing brands in India, let us remember that fashion is not merely about what we wear but how it makes us feel. So, be confident in your unique style.

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