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Top 10 Pharma Companies in Mumbai 2024

Updated On: May 4, 2024

Pharma Companies in Mumbai

Mumbai can be the spell-like pharmaceutical hub of India, you will be shocked after knowing that Mumbai has 400+ companies about a population of 20,961,000 people! To be honest, India is growing in every sector and increasing population, also medicines need to be more in supply!

For this commitment, various investors are eagerly waiting to make their profit! They are very much interested in investing in pharma companies in Mumbai! 

Mumbai, especially Bandra, and Andheri these sites of Mumbai are very much influenced by Western culture! And maybe for this reason people say city of dreams as well, with Mumbai generating 16.6% per capita in all GDP! In a recent survey, a report was published that the pharma and healthcare sectors are taking the city’s growth to the next level!

So in this comprehensive blog, we will discuss about top 10 pharma companies in Mumbai, that you need to know!

History of Pharma Companies in Mumbai

The pharmaceutical industry in Mumbai can be traced back to the early 20th century when the first pharmaceutical company in India, Bengal Chemicals then Pharmaceuticals Ltd., was established in Kolkata in 1901. The first pharmaceutical company in Mumbai, Chemical Process & Pharmaceutical Works, was set up in 1937. After independence, the Indian government traditional Hindustan Antibiotics Ltd. in 1954, which became the first public-sector therapeutic company in the country. Since then, the pharmaceutical industry in Mumbai has grown by leaps and bounds, with several domestic and multinational corporations setting up their operations in the city.

Mumbai’s Role in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry

Due to the city’s leading role in the pharmaceutical industry, Mumbai is often called India’s ‘Pharma Capital.’ The city is home to numerous big pharma companies, including Sun Pharmaceuticals, Lupin, Cipla, Glenmark, and Wockhardt. These companies have a noteworthy presence in the Indian pharmaceutical market and have established a global footprint. Mumbai is also home to several research institutions and academic centers, besides hospitals, which offer the necessary infrastructure and expertise required for the growth of the pharmaceutical industry.

Mumbai’s Thriving Pharmaceutical Hub

Mumbai, often called the “Pharma Capital of India,” is home to frequent big and small pharmaceutical companies. The city’s rich pharmaceutical sector history, along with its access to a skilled workforce, world-class infrastructure, and a robust ecosystem, has made it a thriving hub for pharmaceutical research, manufacturing, and innovation.

List Of Top 10 Pharma Companies in Mumbai

Besides commercial capital, Mumbai, India’s financial, has a rapidly growing population. With such a vast population, the city posits an enormous demand for genuine and superior quality pharma products. However, it is crucial to identify the top pharmaceutical companies in Mumbai to get access to top-quality pharmaceutical foodstuffs. To help save time in addition to efforts, Medxone Healthcare has prepared a list of the Top 10 Pharma Companies in Mumbai.

All the pharma companies involved in the list have a reputable position in the market and adhere to all the regulatory compliances besides international pharma manufacturing standards. Go through the list of Top 10 Pharma Companies in Mumbai to connect through a suitable pharma manufacturing company in Mumbai.

1. Apikos Pharma

Apikos Pharma - Pharma Company in mumbai

Apikos Pharma is located in Chandigarh and is an ISO (9002:2015) certified pharma company. This company deals in many services, including manufacturing, distribution, and trading of a wide range of quality products. Also, Apiko Pharma has G.M.P., G.M.P., and WHO approval and deals in over 250+ range. Currently, Apiko Pharma has over 250+ distributors in P.A.N. India. This company has a warehouse facility and a high-tech manufacturing lab.

Address or contact 13, Arjun Nagar, Nanhera, Ambala Cantt, Haryana 133004

2. Pax Healthcare

Pax Healthcare is a well-renowned pharmaceutical company located in Chandigarh. 12000+ distributors are working with Pax Healthcare. Also, Pax Healthcare offers a wide range of pharma products such as tablets, capsules, syrups, liquids, and so much more. Apart from that, Pax Healthcare offers pharma third-party manufacturing services across India. As this company has top-notch quality pharma products, Pax Healthcare is now among Mumbai’s top 10 pharma manufacturers.

Address – S.C.O. 177, Top Floor, Sector 38C, Chandigarh, 160036

3. Servocare Lifesciences

ServocaRe Lifesciences is among the top pharma companies known for their professionalism and quality product range. This company has been operating in both domestic and international markets. Also, the entire company adheres to ISO, WHO, G.M.P., and D.C.G.I. guidelines. Thus, Servocare Lifesciences is among Mumbai’s top 10 pharma engineering companies.

Address – S. C. F. No. 246, Motor Market, Manimajra. Chandigarh – 160 101. Plot No: 352, Industrial Area, Phase: 1, Panchkula Haryana

4. Stensa Lifesciences

Stensa Lifesciences - Pharma Company in mumbai

Stensa Lifesciences, at present, has 250+ DCGI-approved pharma products. Not only Stensa Lifesciences are offering third-party or contract manufacturing amenities in India. Also, Stensa Lifesciences offered free promotional support, including M.R. bags, reminder cards, notepads, etc. This company is the principal player in the Indian pharma sector due to its world-class service.

Address – Plot No. 19, Second Floor, Industrial Area, Phase 2, Panchkula, Haryana Pincode: 134113

5. Novalab Healthcare

Novalab Healthcare  -  Pharma Company in mumbai

Novalab Healthcare is among the fastest-growing pharma companies, and it started in 2014. Also, this company has over 900+ formulations that are complete to ship. Novalab Healthcare has state-of-the-art infrastructure to support Research & Development, quality control, and a warehouse facility. The central pharma range available at Novalab is the gynae range, pediatric range, derma range, E.N.T. range, eye drops, ayurvedic range, and so much more.

Address – Plot No-208, Industrial Area Phase 1, Panchkula, Haryana 134113

6. Life Vision Healthcare

This is India, a top-notch pharmaceutical company that proposes world-class third-party manufacturing facilities in Mumbai. Our manufacturing facility has a world-class infrastructure in addition to technology to support bulk orders. Also, Lifevision adheres to all the rules and regulations using ISO, WHO, G.M.P., and D.C.G.I. Coming to our diverse portfolio, we are dealing in a broad range of pharma products that contain derma, P.C.O.D., Cardiac, nasal spray, liquids, painkillers, liquids, cardiac range, pediatric, and so much more. That’s why Lifevision Healthcare is among Mumbai’s top 10 pharma manufacturing companies.

Address – Plot No. 140-141, E.P.I.P., Phase -1, Jharmajri, Baddi, Distt. Solan (H.P.) – 174103

7. Criticine Care

Criticine Care is an ISO (9001:2008) specialized pharma company that deals in a broad range of products. This pharma company has been functional for over ten years and is among the most reputed companies in Mumbai. Also, Criticine Care offers best-in-class manufacturing amenities and private labelling across India. That’s why Ciriticare Care needs to be on this list of Mumbai’s top 10 third-party pharma manufacturing companies.

Address – 302, phase, Industrial Area Phase 2, Panchkula, Haryana 134113

8. Texas Therapeutics

One of Mumbai’s leading third-party pharma manufacturing companies offering a wide range of foodstuffs. It is in the allergic range, respiratory care range, anti-diabetic range, painkillers, etc. Also, Texas Therapeutics is known for its quality, commitment, and professionalism. That’s why Texas made it to the list of Mumbai, Maharashtra’s top 10 pharmaceutical third-party manufacturing companies.

Address – S.C.F. 14, 1st Floor, Sector 20, Panchkula – 134117

9. Biobrick Pharma

Biobrick Pharma - Pharma Company in mumbai

Biobrick Pharma started in 1797, is an innovative manufacturing pharma company located in Mumbai. Biobrick Pharma has a wide range of pharma products that directly deal with healthcare experts, logistics, and other concerned personnel. Also, Biobrick Pharma has ISO, WHO, G.M.P., G.L.P., AND HACCP certifications and has five years of experience in this field.

Address – PLOT NO. 174, Industrial Area Phase 1, Panchkula, Haryana 134113

10. Abiba Pharmacia

Abiba Pharmacia is an ISO-certified company with a world-class facility to support bulk manufacturing. This company offers various products, including antioxidants, dental range, ayurvedic tange, veterinary range, gastro range, orthopaedic range, and so much more. Abiba Pharmacia is on the list of top pharmaceutical companies in Mumbai, Maharashtra.

Address – S.C.O. – 3 & 4, Behind P.G.I.M.E.R., Vikas Nagar, Nayagaon Chandigarh, Punjab 160103


Lastly, we hope you get all the facts on the list of Mumbai’s top 10 pharma manufacturing companies. You are a prominent pharma player with state-of-the-art infrastructure and a research & development facility. If you are looking for a consistent pharma manufacturer in Mumbai, reach out to the company mentioned above.


What is the salary of a pharma fresher in Mumbai?

  • What is the starting salary for a Pharmacist in Mumbai? The average initial Salary for Pharmacists in India is around ₹1.3 Lakhs per year (₹10.8k per month).

How many companies are in pharma?

  • India also has the highest number of US-FDA compliant Pharma plants outside of the U.S.A. and is home to more than 3,000 pharma companies with a strong network of over 10,500 manufacturing facilities as well as a highly-skilled resource pool.

What is Cipla’s rank in India?

  • Cipla Ltd: The company has become one of the top pharmaceutical companies in India. Cipla is honored with the A.B.E.C.A. 2024 – AmbitionBox Employee Choice Award. Cipla Ranked #3 in the Top Pharma Companies.

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