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Top 10 Hearing Aid Brands in India | 2024

Updated On: May 31, 2024

top 10 hearing Aid Brands in India

We can’t think that we can’t be heard or heard; this is our primary concern. Unfortunately, in India, it’s impact, or as you can say, it’s also affecting your body! But now we have good terms in that we have technological aids to help you with every possibility here! This post will discuss the top  10 hearing aid brands in India! Whether you or a loved one are seeking a hearing aid, this guide will assist you in making an informed decision.

In this post, we will guide you through some good models per doctors’ recommendations, so sit back and go through this blog!

Why should you trust hearing aids?

In 2022, per survey reports, 600 people use hearing aids to absorb which features they prioritize and the everyday challenges they face when buying, using, or preserving their hearing aids. In 2023, we tested 18 hearing aid models for durability, battery life, ease of use, and sound quality.

Based on our research, besides hands-on testing experience, we awarded each company a score of 1 to 5. We considered a variety of qualities and features when making our decisions. Besides, these are helpful questions to ask when shopping for a range aid.

Here is the list of Top 10 Hearing Aid Brands in India

1. Jabra Enhance

Hearing aid brands in India
top 10 hearing Aid Brands in India

One of the best hearing aids you can acquire online today is our top pick for superior Bluetooth hearing aids. The Jabra Enhance Select 300 offers improved sound quality, an imposing battery life, and a lightweight design.

With some OTC hearing aids, a mutual customer complaint you may come across is a flat or distorted sound quality. That’s different from the circumstances with Jabra’s least hearing aid model. This hearing aid is the best compared to most prescription hearing aids, with a decent sound boost besides exceptional noise filtration features.

The Jabra Enhance Select likewise offers high-quality Bluetooth for TV, music, podcasts, and more. As Jabra’s newest and most impressive model, the Enhance Select does come through a price tag that starts at $1,795.

2. Lexie B2 Plus

Hearing aid brands in India
top 10 hearing Aid Brands in India

Fully in-ear hearing assistances can be excellent for convenience and a truly unified look, but if you want something that balances luxury with functionality — look no further than the Lexie B2 plus hearing aid. 

Motorized by Bose, this OTC hearing aid offers prescription-grade complete quality and audio design without the high prices that characteristically come with prescription earshot aids. You can buy a pair of Lexie B2 Plus hearing aids powered by Bose from Amazon or Lexie straight today for $999.

3. Starkey Genesis AI

Hearing aid brands in India
top 10 hearing Aid Brands in India

Hurled in February of 2023, the Genesis AI is Starkey’s latest and greatest range aid offering. AI, or artificial intelligence, has been driving hearing aid strategies since 2018 (through Starkey’s Livio AI hearing aid model).

The Genesis AI hearing aid’s goal is to minimize the number of times you need to make manual adjustments by improving your range automatically. This is backed by sound technology that adjusts pathways and gauges incoming sounds in real-time. These AI-powered hearing aids then customize this information to pick particular attending modes (restaurant mode, TV mode, etc.) or make adjustments on the fly so you don’t take to. 

This new and groundbreaking hearing aid is available at around $2,400 per pair, but values vary considerably from one store to the next. 

4. Phonak Audéo Lumity

Hearing aid brands in India
top 10 hearing Aid Brands in India

Hearing aid technology is constantly refining, and if you want to be at the vanguard of all that cutting-edge technology, we endorse the latest flagship hearing aid by Phonak, the Audéo Lumity. This hearing aid takes several new and impressive features from the Phonak Audéo Paradise, such as a patented speech-focused technical school for front-facing conversations and better-quality hearing from the sides and back.

This hearing aid offers all-in-one Bluetooth integration for iOS and Android strategies and fitness-tracking features like step sums via the MyPhonak mobile app. Couple this with a long-lasting battery charge and high-quality sound, and you have an inordinate hearing aid for anyone with modest to severe hearing loss. 

Prices twitch at around $1,800 for the lowest tier, the Lumity L30 hearing aid.

5. Go Hearing Ultra OTC

Hearing aid brands in India
top 10 hearing Aid Brands in India

Are we seeking a relaxed, behind-the-ear hearing aid that ensures a secure daily fit? The Go Hearing Ultra OTC range aid is another super comfortable hearing aid with Bluetooth competencies, but that’s not all: It’s likewise the cheapest hearing aid on our list. 

This wireless hearing aid has several standout features besides Bluetooth streaming capability, including hands-free calls and a whopping 20-hour battery life.

6. Insio 7Nx

Hearing Aid Brands in India
Hearing Aid Brands in India

The new Signia Insio 7Nx IIC earshot aid is an IIC hearing aid. This hearing aid is perfect for anyone who desires to be discreet and active in their lifestyle but also needs a little help with comprehensive clarity! The entry-level stratagem takes advantage of next-generation technology by using our newest variety: Nx – which means it has an open or closed venting system depending on what works best for your personal preferences.

“The world’s least ready-to-wear Invisible In The Canal (IIC) Hearing Aids!” boasts eight comfortable silicone size options available indoors, two different varieties: Open Vented & Closed Flow of air Design. “This product can go where unnoticed.

7. Livley

Hearing aid brands in India
top 10 hearing Aid Brands in India

Lively sells FDA-approved hearing aids and states its products are nearly invisible and cost 50% less than the nationwide average. Lively sells one type of hearing aid available in rechargeable and battery-operated models. The rechargeable model provides 30 hours of use per care and comes with a portable charging case. The battery-powered model comes through a year’s supply of batteries.

Both models are accessible in different colours and use Bluetooth streaming, so users can use their phone or tablet to stream audio or take calls. It offers some great features under $2000.

8. Sigma

Hearing aid brands in India
top 10 hearing Aid Brands in India

Signia hearing aids work by a smartphone app or remote control. Using these, users can speak to various care professionals and control the earshot aid’s volume and other settings. Users can also regulate their hearing aid settings using the discreet remote control that is small and adequate to fit in pockets or on keyrings.

9. Widex

top 10 hearing Aid Brands in India

Widex offers an online hearing test to connect people to local healthcare experts with its hearing aids. widex’s Thrive smartphone app connects with the company’s hearing aids. Depending on which product an individual owns!

10. Phonak

 Hearing aid brands in India
top 10 hearing Aid Brands in India

Phonak has a free online earshot test for individuals before buying a hearing aid. Upon receiving their results, a healthcare professional will communicate with the user to discuss their results and, if needed, arrange further appointments and hearing aid fittings. These travels can take place virtually or in person.


A wide variety of earshot aid manufacturers offer a range of models in addition to technologies. When choosing a hearing aid, a person would consider the type, features, cost, technology, and design. Checking online customer reviews besides whether they can buy their chosen hearing aid model online may help people decide which hearing aid producer is best for them.


Which is better, Oticon or Signia?

Artificial Intelligence for Oticon vs Signia hearing aids displays Signia is the clear winner with its OVP technology. Own Voice Processing (OVP) gives the wearer a standard talk quality in their ‘own voice.’ The user’s voice is processed unconnectedly from other speech sounds received by the hearing aid.

What is the most powerful hearing aid?

Introducing Oticon Xceed, the world’s most powerful hearing aid with 146 dB SPL and 87 dB full-on gain. * Powered by the Velox S™ platform, besides featuring BrainHearing™ technology, Oticon Xceed provides more access to speech than ever earlier for your patients with severe-to-profound hearing loss.

Who is the biggest hearing aid company?

Sonova had the most significant global hearing aid market share, with 31 percent. The statistics illustrate the percentage of the worldwide hearing aid market by major companies. The market was valued at a total of 6 billion U.S. dollars.

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