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Top 10 Modular Switch Brands In India For 2024

Updated On: June 3, 2024

Top 10 Modular Switch Brands In India

You can control your electricity with these switches. Electric switches as we can use like utilized the power circuit! The best quality switch brands are controlled mainly remotely. There are sufficient official modular switch brands in India. 

Modular switches are standard from several different nonauto switches. This most recent assortment of monetary switches as well. It is a safe, electric power saver, and super simple to use. So, in this post, we will discuss the top 10 modular switch brands in India.

Types of Modular Switch Brands in India!

India has diverse switch brands, so here are some off!

One-Way Switch

A one-way switch controls one light system in just one location. This simple switch is often used in rooms with one sole entry point. Alternatively, for switching on appliances such as ceiling fans.

Two-Way Switch

Two-way switches are designed to supervise a single light system or ceiling fan from two locations. Placing the switches at either conclusion of the corridor would allow you to switch on the light at either end.

Momentary Switch

Unlike traditional switches that the user switches on in addition to off at will, a momentary switch only remains in the on position for as long as it is pressed. This type of switch is used most commonly in applications such as doorbells, and garage door openers, nevertheless, they can occasionally be used in lighting systems.

Single Pole Switch

A single pole switch is the most shared type used in domestic properties and controls lower-powered items everywhere in the home such as light fixtures.

Advantages of Modular Switches

Switches are an important yet often ignored constituent of electrical fitting in any building. However, with the changing times, the electrical switches are getting the attention that they deserve, being an imperative part of the interiors. The age-old conservative switches are no longer in trend, all thanks to the latest range of modular switches. For apparent reasons, modular switches have gained popularity in a short period. They are not only aesthetically appealing but also safe and convenient to use. Apart from this, you have many good reasons to choose modern electrical switches over conventional switches.

Top 10 Modular Switch Brands In India

Here are the most popular best switch brands in India that are perfect for home and office use and made with high-quality components. 

1. Anchor Electric Switch

Anchor Electric Switch
top 10 modular switch brands in India

Anchor electric switches have been a portion of electrical products since 1963, and they have spread nationwide. Anchor deals with switches, wiring devices, lighting products, power tools, and switchgear devices. They launched a new series of switches in anchor modular switches like Roma Classic, rider, woods, Roma Plus, etc. Anchor Roma Switch is a significant selling modular switch! Roma switches arrive in various ranges as far as hues, surfaces, and completes for its plates, and they mix practically with any home technical theme in INDIA.

2. Havells Switch

top 10 modular switch brands in India

Originating from a brand like Havells, Fabio takes a fantastic beginning. It is imbued with helpful places of interest, making it stand out from its partners. The Fabio offers simple front stacking and expulsion; these subtle activity switches scarcely make any solid while rotary on and off. Moreover, the best part is mounting, which gives you the choice of uniform and vertical. In case you’re tight on space, the havells switches come by way of a blessing.

3. Legrand Switch

top 10 modular switch brands in India

Legrand Switches are contemporary in 27 nations. Follows the way of thinking of Listen, Design, Make, Support. Legrand electric switches are second in India, and attachments are first scale.

4. Schneider Electric Switch

top 10 modular switch brands in India

It creates innovation besides arrangements that make vitality sheltered, profitable, solid, practical, and green. Schneider electric switches offer light switches that suit all interiors and exteriors. These switches are suitable for the latest interior designs. In the Schneider Electric brand, there are various types of electronic switches like Livia, Neo, Opale, and ZENcelo. These different types of switches are stylish and classy, which is appropriate for every home interior.

5. Finolex Switch

top 10 modular switch brands in India

Today, people care! When we first-rate electrical switches for homes or offices, we need to ensure that we pick the ones that not only protect us from any electrical hazards or fire peril but also add to the excellent design of the house. It would help if you went for the companies comprising both components. Finolex is a well-known company that produces shifts that keep in mind the above point.

6. Crabtree Switch

top 10 modular switch brands in India

Crabtree switches are perfect for comfort, safety, ease, and energy efficiency. It is loaded with shallow synthetics; anything normal represents itself with beliefs from all over the world.

Most likely, that is the reason “organic” businesses are thriving now. People are additionally making a conscious decision to elect crude textures with natural colours for their clothing, not simply foods grown from the ground. You would concur that nature is continuously excellent, regardless of whether it’s about style or medical advantages. Anything inspired by nature gives a feeling of well-being, strength, and groundedness, making it earlier to your heart. Moreover, Amare – an exceptional range of measured switches by crabtree switches can endlessly include the elements of nature in your home.

7. Larsen & Toubro

Modular Switch Brands in India
top 10 modular switch brands in India

Only a few people know that L&T makes electrical switches; besides, they make it great. Their quality represents itself with the trust they provide. Larsen & Toubro has countless varieties of switches, such as modular touch switches, one-way modular switches, remote control switches, switch plates, two-way linked switches, and so on. L&T Electrical has crafted to fulfill all consumer needs for their residential homes and salable buildings. Also, the designs are so tempting and elegant.

8. Polycab Modular Switches

top 10 modular switch brands in India

One of India’s most popular electric switch distributors and manufacturers is Polycab Modular Switches. These switches are calculated to prevent any injury to human beings or damage to other electrical appliances. You can install them anyplace you want with ease. With their pleasing aesthetic looks, they will easily fit in through your theme.

You can find different landscapes in the Polycab Modular Switches modular switches. One of the most thought-provoking characteristics is the weatherproof shocks. Apart from that, you can also get enhanced efficiency, advanced dimming technology, and top-grade natural materials.

9. GM Modular

top 10 modular switch brands in India

GM Modular is a viral brand that contributes to high-quality electrical devices. One of their most popular products is the GM Modular Switch. These can be fit in different spaces with ease. Moreover, these are highly functional and are tremendously safe. Their versatility and ease of use make them all the more interesting. The GM Modular switches can add sophistication and elegance to your room without hassle.

10. Wipro

Modular Switch Brands in India
Top 10 Modular Switch Brands In India

A division of Wipro Ltd., Wipro North-West, suggests to consumers a cutting-edge selection of switches, home automation, and electrical solutions. It is among the best varieties of modular switches in India. As a top creator of modular switches, the business creates cutting-edge goods grounded on in-depth research to satisfy customers’ expectations and go beyond their necessities. The North-West Company Switch, bent to lend elegance to the interior, is the ideal fusion of cutting-edge technology, quality, and style.


Select the best electrical switches for your home that reflect beauty, grace, and richness. Whichever brand you choose, ensure it’s convenient and safe to use at your fingertips. The list mentioned above is the top brands with predominant superiority modular switches. The style and built quality will suit any building or marketable purposes.


Which is best, anchor or GM?

GM is a new company. GM is also good. Anchor has more experience in the market. If you prefer modular switches, you should know that Norisys is one of India’s top modular switch manufacturers.

Which is better, Havells or Legrand?

You can confidently choose Legrand MCB because of the French engineering technology they provide. This is the best MCB brand for your house, solid and long-lasting. It is perfect for workplaces and homes. Havells is such a thriving company in India with a solid international reputation.

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