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Top 15 AI Music Generators: Create Unique Tracks with Ease

Updated On: July 3, 2024

Whether you are a professional musician, a content creator, a music enthusiast, or working on presentations, generating music for your content or art is an essential task in the creative field. 

With the use of an AI music generator, it is possible to transform music production by using features that help in creating quality music, even without any musical knowledge. 

In this blog, we will discuss 15 AI music generators that are well-known and easy to use.

How AI Helps in Music Generation:

  • Automated Composition: AI tools are capable of composing music from scratch by using inputs that a user may have designated.
  • Genre Versatility: AI can create music of different styles including, classical, pop, and electronic.
  • Customization: With the help of AI, the users can change various parameters concerning the music, including the tempo, the key, or instrumentation.
  • Accessibility: Some of the technologies included in AI can produce music even if the user does not have any experience at all in composing music.
  • Collaboration: The principal idea of the function is that AI can be a creative and innovative coworker.
  • Consistency: AI guarantees that the quality of music that is being produced remains consistent and is of high quality.
  • Cost-effective: AI music generators utilize the idea of minimizing the accessibility of a costly studio and instrumentalists.
  • Inspiration: AI can provide fresh inspiration and overcome creative blocks.

Here is the list of the 15 Best AI Music Generators

1. Loudly

Loudly - Best AI Music Generators
Best AI Music Generators

Loudly provides a simple way to design personalized music tracks. It has an AI-powered engine that allows users to blend different genres, loops, and samples to create good music with ease. The social functions enable the sharing and collaborative work making it suitable for amateurs and business people.

Key Features:

  •  Intuitive interface
  •  Extensive list of the genres
  •  Customizable tracks
  •  High-quality sound samples
  •  Social Media Linking fits in perfectly with the organization’s social media accounts.


  •  Perfect for bloggers who are searching for music for their content.
  •  Ideal for artists in search of ideas, or for sketching songs.
  •  Ideal for those who plan on trying out music production for the first time.

 How to Use:

  •   Sign up on Loudly’s website.
  •   Choose a genre and customize your track.
  •   Download or share your music directly from the platform.

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2. - Best AI Music Generators
Best AI Music Generators employs the use of AI to generate new music based on the user’s choice. It enables users to set the mood, genre, and length of the music they want, thus creating customized music for use. Its layout is simple, which is suitable for individuals and organizations that want to find music for their content without paying royalties.

Key Features:

  •  AIgenerated compositions
  •  Multiple genres
  •  Mood and tempo can be set according to one’s choice
  •  Easy-to-use interface
  •  High-quality output


  •  These are wonderful for video makers who require background scores.
  •  Useful for podcasters and the AdStopper for advertisers.
  •  Ideally suited for amateur musicians and music composers

How to Use:

  •   Visit the website.
  •   Select your preferred genre and mood.
  •   Customize the tempo and structure.
  •   Download the generated music.

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3. Soundraw

Sounddraw - Best AI Music Generators
Best AI Music Generators

Soundraw uses artificial intelligence in the creation of music pieces that can be personalized. They can set parameters such as tempo, mood, and instruments to create new music in real-time. It is ideal for creators who require royalty-free music for their projects with no need to go through lots of music.

Key Features:

  •  AI-driven music composition
  •  Customizable music elements
  •  Many genres and moods can be implemented
  •  High-quality audio files
  •  User-friendly interface


  • Perfect for video producers and implementing ideas into action.
  • Most suitable for those who create content and are involved in marketing.
  • Useful for musicians who want to find inspiration and producers who want to find inspiration for their projects.
  • Extremely helpful for content production and brand promotion individuals
  • Perfect for artists who want to get new ideas.

How to Use:

  •  Create an account on Soundraw.
  •  Choose the genre and mood for your track.
  •  Customize the music elements.
  •  Download your track.

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4. Canva

Canva - Best AI Music Generators
Best AI Music Generators

The music generation tool of Canva is also compatible with the design tool where users can incorporate AI-generated music into their visuals. It is diverse in terms of genres and moods, so everyone can easily select the right background for presentations, videos, and posts.

Key Features:

  •  Extensive for genres
  •  Customizable music tracks
  •  It is easy to integrate the authors’ works with design projects.
  •  User-friendly interface
  •  High-quality sound


  •  Fantastic for incorporating tunes into Canva design projects
  •  Perfectly suitable for social media material
  •  Beneficial for presentation and Videos

How to Use:

  • Log in to your Canva account.
  • Select the music feature.
  • Choose a genre and customize your track.
  • Add the music to your project.

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5. Soundful

soundful - Best AI Music Generators
Best AI Music Generators

Soundful uses artificial intelligence to create professional, royalty-free music pieces. The users can choose from different categories, and adjust certain parameters such as the tempo and key. It is perfect for YouTubers and other content creators who want music that fits their content and can be used in the videos, podcasts, and live streams.

Key Features:

  •  AI driven compositions
  •  Variety of genres
  •  Customizable tracks
  •  High-quality audio
  •  Easy-to-use platform


  •  It is particularly suitable for content creators and filmmakers.
  •  Best for podcasts and advertisers
  •  Ideal for individuals and groups who want to get new ideas on music production.

 How to Use:

  •   1. Visit Soundful’s website and sign up.
  •   2. Choose your preferred genre and customize the track.
  •   3. Download your music.

6. Udio

Udio - Best AI Music Generators
Best AI Music Generators

Udio is an artificial intelligence-based service for creating individual compositions. The music can be created based on the chosen genres, moods, and instruments, which guarantees the tracks’ compatibility with the users’ projects. It is user-friendly, which allows new users and old users to create content without any difficulties.

Key Features:

  •  AI-generated music tracks
  •  Customizable options
  •  High-quality sound
  •  Multiple genres
  •  User-friendly interface


  •  Suitable for the developers of videos and games.
  •  Recommended for anyone who is involved in creating content or marketing for businesses.
  •  It is suitable for musicians in a way that it offers inspiration.

How to Use:

  • Sign up on the Udio platform.
  • Select a genre and customize the track.
  • Download and use the music in your projects.

7. Suno

Suno - Best AI Music Generators
Best AI Music Generators

Suno’s use of AI is in music generation and the software is designed for ambient music and soundscapes. It is for content creators who want to incorporate background music into their content. It has a lot of flexibility since the users can set the music according to their preferences.

Key Features:

  •  AI-generated compositions
  •  Virtually all cartoonist categorizations
  •  Customizable tracks
  •  High-quality audio
  •  Simple interface


  •  Ideal for persons producing content or filming.
  •  Proper for podcasters and marketing specialists
  •  The innovation is excellent for a musician who is working on a new concept.

How to Use:

  • Visit the Suno website and sign up.
  • Choose your genre and customize the track.
  • Download your music.

8. Boomy

Boomy - Best AI Music Generators
Best AI Music Generators

Boomy allows users to generate new music with the help of AI within a short time. It enables you to select a style and edit items; the resulting tracks are ready for streaming or content creation. It also has the feature of monetization, so it is perfect for those who want to become singers or other performers.

Key Features:

  •  AI-driven music creation
  •  Variety of genres
  •  Customizable tracks
  •  High-quality output
  •  User-friendly interface


  •  Perfect for social media bloggers
  •  Ideal for video producers and marketers.
  •  Ideal for those musicians who desire to be inspired.

How To Use:

  • Sign up on Boomy’s website.
  • Choose a genre and customize your track.
  • Download and share your music.


musicfy - Best AI Music Generators
Best AI Music Generators is a cool AI tool that makes songs from text. Just tell the AI what kind of song you want, and it will create it for you. You can also make a custom voice to sing with or even clone the voices of famous artists for your songs.

Key Features:

  • Pre-made Vocals
  • AI Voice Cloning
  • Text-to-Music Conversion
  • Stem Splitting
  • Voice Enhancement


  • The songs produced don’t sound like they were generated by AI.
  • The voice converter tool is impressively precise.
  • The tool is easy to use and the interface looks sleek and modern.

How to Use:

  • Visit the website and click on “Get Started – It’s Free”
  • Click on the “Text to Music” button on the left-hand side and it will take you to the login page
  • Login and start exploring the tools.

10. AIVA

AIVA -Best AI Music Generators
Best AI Music Generators

AIVA (Artificial Intelligence Virtual Artist) composes classical and cinematic music with the help of artificial intelligence. It is ideal for movie producers and video game designers who require complex and professional quality music scores. It is possible to set specific emotional prompts, and AIVA produces tracks that enrich the story’s atmosphere.

Key Features:

  •  AI driven compositions
  •  Genres listing which can be customized and styles.
  •  High-quality output
  •  User-friendly platform
  •  Creating music that is linked to emotions and music style


  • It is especially suitable for work of the film directors and video producers.
  • Especially marketers of computer and video games.
  • Special for musicians to find inspiration.

How to Use:

  • Sign up on AIVA’s website.
  • Choose your genre and customize the track.
  • Download your composition.

To Sum Up

AI music generators are changing the way music is produced and released through faster, cheaper, and on-demand methods. For those who are into creating content, musicians, and people who just love music, these tools just give you brilliant ideas. Check out these fifteen most popular and promising AI music creators and jump into the world of music-making of the future!


Do AI music generators have the potential to replace human composers?

As brilliant and useful as AI music generators are now for generating a musical piece relatively quickly, they can’t replace the creative power and the depth of the feelings with which composers put their work.

Are tracks created by AI free of royalties?

Most online AI music generators can provide users with tracks that are not attributed to any royalty, but it is recommended to check the licensing policy of each tool.

Can I select the music genre AI generates?

Yes, in most cases, AI music generators enable the user to control other attributes of the music.

Am I required to be a musician to use AI music-generation tools?

The use of AI in creating music can be utilized even by people with little to no background in music making.

Is the music used safe for commercial purposes?

Yes, most of the available AI music creators permit the usage of their created tracks for business purposes, however, it is significant to review the usage policies that come with those tools.

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